Today Buzuluk College of industry and transport of the Orenburg State University trains the following specialists on the profiles: «Technical Service and Repearing of the automobiles», «Mechanization of the agriculture»,                               «Electrification and Automatization of the agriculture», «Mining and exploitation of the oil and gas deposits» , «Electro supply»  ( on branches).

For training are widely used full – time and correspondence courses. In the additional professional education graduatersreceive an additional qualification «Skilled craftsman» that allows them to expand their opportunities for employment.

We are welcome for the graduates of secondary schools after the 9th form and 11th form. From 16 to 21 years old.

The college creates a special educational environment thanks to keeping its own traditions, using Academic classes potential, developing and modernizing facilities for students social, cultural and sport activities. Our students take part in Science conferences, Olympiads and many of them are the members of the Scientific Society.

One of the college” s priorities is to intensify its innovation activities. Buzuluk leading companies and organizations act as work placements for college students.

We are searching for friends and international partners in other countries to adapt future specialists to the changes of the globalizing world.

Welcome to our college!